Ubicuous beginning

If you’re using Firefox with Ubiquity installed, you can get Ubiquity commands. You should’ve seen a bar on top asking you to install the Ubiquity commands this page has. There are four of them:

gt > which stands for goTo, just launch Ubiquity and type gt <url to go> and you will be taken to the desired url.

gr > stands for Google Reader, and it just opens Google Reader

time > display your current local time

jquery > this is the most interesting, as it searches through the jQuery wiki help system any jQuery related term.

For example, just type: jquery slideDown

That’s all for now, the RSS option will be added soon and I truly hope you find this first delivery useful. There’s more to come on the next days: free fonts, jquery/typography/wordpress/color theory tutorials, free icons, stock photos and more, so stay tuned!

While I load content on this one, you might want to visit my former illustration and design blog.

3 thoughts on “Ubicuous beginning”

  1. groso esta fantastica..!! congrats!! eso si me costo un poquito encontar el link para comentar (era el numerito) fijate si le podes poner al comments un link too..salutes.. y exitos..!

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