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Ubicuous beginning

If you’re using Firefox with Ubiquity installed, you can get Ubiquity commands. You should’ve seen a bar on top asking you to install the Ubiquity commands this page has. There are four of them:

gt > which stands for goTo, just launch Ubiquity and type gt <url to go> and you will be taken to the desired url.

gr > stands for Google Reader, and it just opens Google Reader

time > display your current local time

jquery > this is the most interesting, as it searches through the jQuery wiki help system any jQuery related term.

For example, just type: jquery slideDown

That’s all for now, the RSS option will be added soon and I truly hope you find this first delivery useful. There’s more to come on the next days: free fonts, jquery/typography/wordpress/color theory tutorials, free icons, stock photos and more, so stay tuned!

While I load content on this one, you might want to visit my former illustration and design blog.

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