Colors & themes for GMail!

Last minute! my GMail account suddenly changed displaying new colours and a golden bar appeared on top calling me to customize my account with the new colours and themes for GMail. I’ve chosen the Desk Theme featuring wood and light brown colours, I found it quite easy on the eyes. What have you chosen?

9 thoughts on “Colors & themes for GMail!”

  1. I tried pretty much every theme too and settle for the “desk.” As much as I tried to like it, it was too hard to make the transition. I switched back to “classic.”

  2. Lauren, as much as I’m trying to get used to it, I’m thinking of switching back to classic too. What I don’t like about the desk theme is that the new mail isn’t highlighted, only the text is in bold.

  3. I’m using the Tea House theme right now. I find it easier on the eyes than Desk and the illustration on the footer is really awesome!

    1. Thanks Liz, right now I’m using a theme that features certain images from Studio Ghibli, for example Totoro.

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