Songbird 1.0 released

The open source player Songbird 1.0 has been finally released on December 2 and it couldn’t look better. It’s an amazing application mashing up a full-featured audio player with a web browser and media networks like lastFM and SHOUTCast. The best of all is that the Mozilla power gave this player the addons feature like Firefox, Flock or Thunderbird. If you already use one of those products you will feel at home with Songbird. In addition to addons, you can also download new themes for Songbird, they are called “feathers”. Give Songbird a chance, you will be delighted.

Changing the subject, do you listen to music when you work? if so, what do you listen?

2 thoughts on “Songbird 1.0 released”

  1. I use iTunes. What are the pros and cons of Songbird compared to iTunes?

    And yes, at work I listen to tunes… mostly mellow rock like Dave Matthews, Daniel Lanois and Jack Johnson.

  2. Hi Andre, I haven’t used iTunes for a long while so I’ve installed to see what’s new in it. First thing I noticed is that it’s way heavier than Songbird and I didn’t liked the details view plus I found nowhere to install extensions (although I searched the web and there are a lot of nice extensions). However, iT beats SB in playing movies, visualization (so cool!), and the Cover Flow is awesome. I can’t think of anything else, either iT or SB is an awesome music player.

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