Running on WP 2.7

Last friday I updated the site to the 2.7 version of WordPress. Of course, I checked first on my local server that everything was working fine, so here’s a short summary of my first impressions.

First thing I noticed (but I was expecting that), was that the Lighter-Menus plugin is not longer working with this release. Lighter Menus was an excellent plugin that put the admin options into folding menus on the top of the admin page. That functionality t’s not longer needed due to the new side panel in WP 2.7 which provides a faster access to most common tasks.

The feature that fascinated me was the batch editing for posts in the (former) manage posts view. Now you can access this list from Edit Posts. By selecting a few and selecting the Edit option from the menu at top, you can add/remove tags, manage authors, enable/disable comments and much more. The Quick Edit option enabled for each post, will allow you to quickly do some common tasks like the previous bulk mode, and in this case you can assign a new date to the post as well as a password.

Finally, I like the Most Used categories block and definitely love the whole interface, it looks so clean and it’s completely customizable, for instance, with the Screen Options menu at top, or just by dragging the blocks wherever you want them.

Now, I’m using Google Chrome in this moment, and there’s an issue with the corner transparency in the login screen: it is not working properly, you can see a black bg framing the corner.

WordPress has already changed forever the web scene, and it keeps getting better and better!

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