New FontShop free font: FF Reminga


FontShop released a bold italic version of their new font FF Reminga for free download at their site. Head over to the site and sign up for this and other goodies like the awesome Font magazine! I received mine a few days ago, look at this baby:


Font magazine has a magazine(yeah) al glossy and glamourous, and two beautiful booklets printed in hard paper. The fontbooks features typefaces such as Borges, from Alejandro Lo Celso, Farnham from Christian Schwartz, FF Reminga from Xavier Dupré, the usual suspects like Bodoni, Garamond and many more. Honestly, this is such a good value that I would pay for it, and they give it for free. You must recognize how much FontShop has done for the the sake of the world typography. Also checkout (if you haven’t already) the Fontstruct builder, which will allow you to create a font, download it and also share it with the world.

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