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Are you a WordPress coder used to search a lot on Try the Ubiquity command to search on

If you code a lot in WordPress and got tired of the process of going to site and look for what you need, hitting enter and wait for the results, and if those weren’t what you needed you had to type some other phrase and hit enter again… Then you might want to try this Ubiquity command. You can just call the command, type the search string, and wait for the headlines. If you want to refine my search you can add more words and if some headline interests you, you can click on the beginning of the headline and go to the page. If you press enter, you will go to the search results page:


The headlines, they’re the same than the ones shown when the Ubiquity commands returns. You can use this to query worpress functions, filters and actions.

It’s still rough, it could some more styling and I don’t know why the clickable area for the results on the Ubiquity results are only a small block beginning from left. Still, it’s useful and maybe you can find it useful too, so feel free to grab the Ubiquity command to search on If you find it useful, consider leaving a comment with your impressions.

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