WordPress Plugin: Enabling TinyMCE for the title

Rich editing for the title

I needed this WordPress plugin, named ILC Rich Title for a particular work I was in. I had to enable rich text editing for the title field on the edit post/page area. In fact, the customer only wanted to add some line breaks, but I added the whole TinyMCE to it. I’m not sure if this exists for the title but I researched a lot and didn’t found one.

What I did found was the TinyMCE Excerpt plugin by Simon Wheatley which enables TinyMCE for the excerpt edit field. Changing the jQuery wrap that TinyMCE Excerpt performs by targeting the appropriate title div, #title (with the help of the ever loved Firebug) I got what I wanted. After that it was a matter of triggering wpautop for both edit area and rendered content, using the edit_post_title for the former and the_title for the latter. Now, since I’m using the_title, it means that it will enclose into p all the titles so be careful when setting your css for titles.

UPDATE: 2009-1-22

ILC Rich Title is hosted on WordPress plugins repository. You can download it from there.

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  1. The post I felt like commenting on was the “Dreambugs” one, just finished downloading it. But I was attracted by the lyrics on the post image. Geez, LOVE that music! GOD KNOWS how much I like it. lol Great blog, your posts are really helping out here, thanks! ^^

    1. Obrigado Rodrigo! I’m glad you’ve useful content here, I’m just trying to give something back to the community.
      I added those lyrics because I wanted to know who else knew that song, it’s a really cool song 😀
      Retorna quando você quer, bye!

  2. Can I split a title in two lines with this plug-in? I mean, can I force a line break in my post titles?
    This could be useful when in a long title just one word is automatically placed in the second line of a title.


  3. Yes Pablo, you can split the title text in two lines. Since it’s rich text you can pretty much do anything to it, but be careful not to get too messy.

    1. Chris, this is not related to the plugin, but rather an issue with you’re outputting the html for your title.

  4. Great plugin, using it for a new design, it was outputting html code in some instances, so I had to mess around a little with the php templates for a workaround. Works perfect now 🙂

  5. Happy to read up on tinymce… I have a relate d problem, I dont know if some greater being than us can help us solve it?

    We used the tinymce for comments plugin to have a rich comment editing capability… we needed the uploading file power as well, but this plugin does not have the uploading capability…. could someone help with putting the tinymce panel without the plugin in the comments section. I think it was a great plugin in 2009, hasnt been updated since, just my 0.02!

    THANKS a tonne…

  6. Oh! it solves my problem, I have been looking for it for long time. It is really helpful.
    Thanks a lot

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