Colorlabs project contest ends today!

Today is St. Valentine’s day but most important, it’s the deadline for the Colorlabs Project contest.

I’ve entered the contest and here’s why. I don’t usually enter contests because most of the time… in fact, always, it is stated that everything submitted is property of the contest commitee. I don’t find this fair because it’s going through the restaurants eating and paying only the food you like. Most of the contest use a lot of the submitted artwork during a year or two, it’s like getting a stock for them.

Enter Colorlabs.

The only thing that captivated me enough to participate was… yes, the money, but also this statement:

You understand that by participating in this contest, your theme concept is possibly used by ColorLabs Project and may be made available for purchase on our site. Winners will be awarded a cash prize for their work. Any other theme concept will only be made available for purchase after a once-off fee agreed by both parties. Sales generated off the theme will be kept by the company.

If they want to use a design submitted they will pay the designer. This is fair. The other interesting thing was… the money, yeah, but the fact that it would be reviewed by some interesting personalities:

ColorLabsProject Design Contest will be judged by Jason Schuller, Jean-Baptise Jung from, Alexander Frison from, Jeff Chandler, Michael Castilla from, Michael Dobler from Smashing Magazine and Michael Jubel Hutagalung.

So it was a fairly good exposure oportunity. The last thing was the money, long story short, 1500 bucks for the first place, 1000 for the second and 1000 for the third place.

If you’re a theme designer there’s still a pretty good amount of hours. Submissions are received until today, Feb 14, midnight (GMT +7). Give it your best shot!

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    1. Hi Lynne, I’m on the finalist round! I placed my finalist entry yesterday. Winners will be announced on February 23.

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