Viral site featuring awesome design and usability

ihcThis viral site for 2012 movie was released a couple of days ago, and I’ve been playing around at it today finding that its graphic design and usability are great. Now, most Flash sites rely on top notch fx, which are unappropriate for slow machines or small screen resolutions. This one has cool fx, but you get them if start to go deep into the content, it’s not on the home page slowing down everything (and worse, once you entered, those sites doesn’t have anything remarkable) and ruining the first impression. This site is featured like a site from a real scientific research facility, and you get to adjust simulations to predict natural disasters, see efforts worldwide to prevent apocalypsis, enter a lottery to win your survival and more. The design is superb, the content is well structured with the proper hierarchy, it has a breadcrumb bar, intuitive mini-applications and I really like the contact/lottery form design; it even has swf deep linking. Good design, good usability plus a tremendous fun to play with, make this site one awesome viral site.

On the opposite, check the viral for Skynet Research.

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