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Dont Click It siteI love this site and the idea behind it. DontClickIt i’s a click free site where you can interact with it without doing a single click. This could be great it were to be implemented on most sites. Clicking with mouse is tiring, monotonous and doesn’t really help too much. We could just rollover an area like we do when we point at something with a finger. Of course, someone could inadvertedly rollover the “Delete everything” button and… This is why DontClick.It explores several click free techniques like a timer when you rollover or a mouse gesture, which is another great user interaction technique.

Play around and don’t forget to click at least once while you are in the interface.

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    1. Yeah, that site is reaaly awesome, I’ve spent a lot of time there having fun and thinking how far can a click free approach go. I mean, magazine sites, with a lot of content, is it possible to “click-free” them?

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