Capucine typeface by Alice Savoie

Capucine typeface

I fell in love today with this typeface. Capucine is being crafted by french designer Alice Savoie from FrenchType, who has a MA in typeface design from the University of Reading, UK. Capucine is the fruit of her MA. The importance of this typeface lies not only on its beautifulness, its legibility inherent to its humanist approach born once from handwriting, but on its completeness. It has extended latin (eng, eth, breve, caron, thorn, etc), and the greek alphabet. Of course, ligatures, small caps, text figures, everything and the kitchen sink. Capucine has five weights and one italic variant so far. Makr sure you download the specimen booklet with enough applications of Capucine to make you fall in love with her.

Alice Savoie also wrote a very interesting paper titled French Type Foundries in the Twentieth Century, available from Articles & Essays from TypeCulture.

As an aside, but interesting resource check the Wikipedia entry for the International Phonetic Alphabet.

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