ILC Thickbox: WordPress plugin to display images

It’s been more than a week since my last post. Last March 17 was my birthday, I received some presents so I want to give you a present now, a new WordPress plugin. You can use this plugin to beautify your post by creating thumbnails using the jQuery.Thumbs plugin and adding Thickbox.


You can see this plugin in action in my portfolio section and in several images throughout the site. Here’s another example:

This image has full ILC Thickbox applied. Notice that I’m using the Art-Direction plugin to override in this particular case the float:left that the outer image wrapper has since I need that property for the rest of my site (I’ve commented that property in the file you will be downloading and added a comment in case you want to enable it back).

Easter Bunny

This one doesn’t have a thumbnail but if you click it, the original sized image will launch.

Easter Bunny

The last one doesn’t have a thumbnail and it won’t launch a larger view.

Download ILC-Thickbox from


  1. Upload `ilc-thickbox` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You can access the options page via the Admin navigation menu or the plugins list, using the Settings link.
  4. Edit a post/page, upload an image in the usual way with the Add Image button and insert a thumbnail or a medium size. A full size also works but it wouldn’t make sense to use Thickbox.
  5. There’s a new button on the TinyMCE editor, select the inserted image and click it. Now that image will be managed by ILC Thickbox. Click it again to disable ILC Thickbox on the image. There’s also a shortcut added for your convenience, Alt+Ctrl+X.

The magnifier glass that is overlayed on top of my portfolio and other images thumbnails, is created using only CSS so you can edit it in the plugin options page and replace the background image. I’ve included two images, mg.png, which is the default, a gray picture, and mgBlue.png, with a light blue background.

Finally, this plugin will also create groups of images based on post ID. For instance, if you open the first image you can move to the next one without leaving the Thickbox. This is the Image Gallery behaviour of Thickbox.

Visit ILC-Thickbox from

24 thoughts on “ILC Thickbox: WordPress plugin to display images”

  1. I really don’t like how next / previous works. Before I saw those text links in the bottom of the images, I clicked about 3 or 4 times on the left / right side of the image, but ooops, that closes the modal window.

    Recently, I ended up on FancyBox’s website and I really love that tool. I don’t need a WP plugin for it because I usually write markup (I am faster that way).

    Anyways, I think there’s a fancybox plugin too. You should try it!

    1. Some people don’t know anything of markup. Most of my clients are no tech geeks so this plugin is meant for those people that needs usability and easy of use: select-click-go. And it works too. Most of plugins I have seen simply control every image in posts, so the user looses control on which images will be displayed using ThickBox and which ones won’t.
      Thanks for reminding me Fancybox, I can see it has been recently rewritten and it seems to work properly now. I’ve used it last year and it had several bugs on Opera and IE6.

  2. It’s me again, I’ve been checking you FLV player plugin and I wanted to see this one as well. I’ve installed this plugin and it works. The button on the editor makes it easier to edit a post. Most of the plugins requires you to add a class on the html view. It’s faster clicking on the button 🙂

    1. Karla, thanks!
      yes, I find clicking a button faster than go down through the html adding the classes. In fact, that’s the way I used to work with this plugin, I had to add the class manually. Of course, it was a PITA when I had a lot of images, so I sat down and coded the plugin for TinyMCE so I could do this manually.

  3. Nice plugin’s really help for wp user who don’t want to get into code..just simply click the button in TinyMCE and tara! the thickbox effect is applied to the image..thanks Elio for giving us this lovely present ^o^

  4. i need a plugin that should display images from posts and should have option like send to a friend from there, is ther any plugin for this,thanks in advance for the help

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  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the information,just found this post my technorati news feed section! I was searching for this since past 3 months and i am glad to see it here. Thanking you much


  7. Is there a way to customize the html of the Thickbox #TB_window? I need to add two things: 1) a download link (url of the fullsize img), or just the text “right-click to download”. 2) A source/credit note, with a link to an external site. I tried using jquery but i’m having trouble, maybe since #TB_window is not in the dom when the page is initially loaded.

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