Tutorial9 published my icons!

I’m quite happy today because Tutorial9 published the icons they commissioned me, the Cute Critters Icon Pack!


It was a very refreshing experience to work with them and they have asked me to create more original resources for them to give away to the community so I’m quite happy. I’m happy not only because I am doing it. I’m happy because of the quality resources Tutorial9 delivers to the community and the effort behind it.

Enough. Go to Tutorial9 and grab the Cute Critters Icon Pack, it might be very handy for spring designs.

27 thoughts on “Tutorial9 published my icons!”

    1. Thanks! Make sure you subscribe or live bookmark T9, they have some amazing resources there!

  1. Very good ICONS, very useful for cretive writers, but do not know how to create ICONS like this. Thanks a lot for good work.

  2. Hi, Great icons. Totally love the Toucan. I used it with my logo. That ok? Attribution is at the bottom of the page. Let me know know if you like it to say something different.

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