New font in progress

I’m working on a new bold & delicious font in FontForge. This one is inspired by those fat letters in posters that are quite common today.

I’m using Art-Direction again to offset this image towards left in the single post page, hopefully it will work properly.

2 thoughts on “New font in progress”

  1. Interesting.
    It reminds me a little of the font I will be selling through
    Does the program you use do advanced kerning?

    1. Mick, FontForge has kerning classes if that’s what you mean. I’m using the FontForge MINGW version since it’s easier on the eyes than the official FontForge. Unlike the official version, where you have to download and install Cygwin, MINGW version doesn’t have to be installed. Click the .bat included and it will launch. It also has OpenType features.
      Do you think I should be selling this as well? of course, I will be adding lowercase, ligatures and I was thinking about contextual alternates.

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