Terminator Salvation Viral Marketing

Remember the awesome viral marketing for The Dark Knight? there were riddles to solve, cakes with cellphones inside, followers of Harvey Dent on the streets. The upcoming Terminator Salvation is now making its moves and released a myriad of sites, desktop applications and even an interesting Twitter “game”.


I while ago I wrote about the Skynet Research viral site, judging it only from the point of view of its graphic design and usability. The site for Skynet Research has since evolved a lot, although to my taste, the graphic design hasn’t been improved. It’s interesting that Warner Bros. is using WordPress as the backend for this site.


The site Resist or Be Terminated appeared as a site of the ressistance agains Skynet ubiquity. They are explaining why all the security cams installed in various shops all over the world and other facts are all potentially dangerous. Skynet Research YouTube page features a lot of videos explaining why Skynet makes our lives easier. Resist or Be Terminated YouTube page explains why you don’t have to believe their lies. Resist or Be Terminated is also powered by WordPress.

DCP is a desktop application to help Skynet spread worldwide so our lives are safer. The page is that DCP “is a volunteer system for grid computing that enables Skynet Research to tap into the processing power of computers around the world”. Install the AIR application and you’re ready to go.

Now, if you don’t think Skynet is reliable, you can start communicating with resistance through Twitter. You can help decode some Skynet communications that are incomplete.

Finally, there’s a strange list at Skynet Research stating the comic book stores where the Skynet security camera has been installed. Maybe you should check out the nearest store protected by Skynet.

This is getting really interesting…

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