itpints: real-time search engine

This new search engine named itpints claims to be a real-time search engine. It seems to accomplish this by searching through all the blogs, news, social bookmarks and networks, video and images. I have coded a Ubiquity command to receive instant results through it.


The search is hassle-free, just go to the site and enter your query. You have some advanced options where you can choose the places you want to search in. The results page is smart, you can get a rss feed of the results for your query and you’re prompted to refresh the page (maybe we should be able to update instead of reloading the page) when there are more results for your query. Check for example the results page for terminator salvation or get the rss for star trek. All in all, I liked it. It’s like concentrating all the networks with a constantly updated rss feed and centralize them in one place. The designer in me doesn’t like the logo though 🙂

Ubiquity command to search using itpints

I liked it so much that I even created a Ubiquity command to search and even fetch results within the Ubiquity frame, which is great, because itpints fetches a lot of updates from Twitter, which are only 140 characters and thus fits right into Ubiquity frame, or images from Flickr, which also fits whithin Ubiquity.

Enough talk, get the itpints Ubiquity command to search using and get real time results at your fingertips!

After you have subscribed to the command, launch it typing “itpints” (without the quotes) followed by your query, for example

itpints design

To start a new search you don’t have to leave Ubiquity. Just modify your query adding or removing some words and the Ubiquity command will fetch the relevant results. Notice that you can get an inmediate refresh of the results if you for example type a space and then erase it. This will cause the command to refresh the search. Hitting enter after issuing the command will take you to the results page in itpints where you will be able to get the rss feed for your query.

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