Free Quatro typeface

quatroPPRWRK studio is giving away for their beautiful Quatro typefacePPRWRK studio is an independent graphic design studio founded in 2004 by typographer and graphic designer Mark Caneso.

17 thoughts on “Free Quatro typeface”

  1. Marissa, I received the font but it took a week or more. However, Quatro font is Mac only at this time 🙁

  2. Please, I would like to test Quatro, but now the designer is tired of distributing that, and will not do it anymore. My email is howard.temp (at] gmail dot com
    I have a Mac.

    1. Everyone please pay attention: I haven’t sent the font to nobody and I won’t do it, simply because it’s property of the author and it would be disrespectful if I did so.

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