DeviantArt releases Portfolio

DeviantArt released Portfolio, their new web application, targeted to designers and illustrators that want to showcase their artwork in a clean and customized environment. Portfolio, provides you with a custom subdomain under, and you get 4 galleries of artwork each one of them featuring up to 18 pieces.

Mario Luevanos
Ryan Ford

Best of all, is the clean environment provided by Portfolio. DeviantArt accounts had many ads spots in free accounts and displayed a lot of unnecesary data from the artist, like the number of years he was in DA, status (Official Beta Tester for example) or the membership he had bought. Portfolio goes straight to the point and lets you focus on the artwork. Portfolio is offered as a free version or a premium version, with unlimited images and the chance to use your own existent personal domain.

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    1. Hey Dan, it’s amazing to have you here! I’ve seen some demos and Portfolio looks astonishing, keep the good work up, you guys rock!

  1. :: Man i love your website the design is amazing it let me very happy and the colors are soo greats thank you for this wonderful work
    BIP UP ::

    Aminedesigner from deviantart.

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