Themes for Chrome and HTML5 video tag support

A new version for Google Chrome, was released in the beta channel featuring the ability to change themes. Remember that Google Chrome has three versions, stable, beta and developer. You can change your channel using the Channel Changer provided by Chromium. Find more info about using the channel changer on the Chromium Developer Documentation.

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While hacking the default.dll has been a common technique, now the users in the beta channel have (as users in the developer channel had for a while now) the chance to change Chrome’s theme for an official theme directly from Google as the ones provided in Chrome Themes Gallery. The themes installing is not that good because when you apply a theme, the file is downloaded and applied. But there is no way to switch to a previous downloaded/installed theme. There is not such thing as a plugin manager right now, but you can access extensions and themes by typing chrome://extensions/ and entering a page where you can see all your installed extensions and themes and uninstall some of them if you want to.


The beta release post also states that Chrome’s speed has been improved over a 30% and the omnibox received some nice icons to quickly identify what kind of resource is each line of the drop down menu that appears on the omnibox.

OpenVideo at DailyMotion

Finally the post states the they have added HTML5 capabilities such as the video tag and the web workers, so after you download the new Google Chrome beta head over to Open Video at DailyMotion (yes, there are a lot of Firefox ads there) to play some video without installing any third party plugin. Google Chrome is now one of the two major browsers supporting HTML5 video tag.

All these improvements are remarkable but I just can’t understand that we don’t have a Google Toolbar in Chrome yet.

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