The origin of Twitter’s logo?

Don’t you feel sometimes that the ‘e’ in Twitter doesn’t quite fit the rest of the characters? let alone the weird difference between the first ‘t’ and the rest of the word. Well, Masayuki Sato states in this Flickr entry that the ‘twi’ and ‘r’ were type using his font, Pico-alphabet, which he released back in 2001.

twitter with Pico

Masayuki Sato has a lot of typefaces available for download at his site, mostly handwritten fonts, display fonts and even some dingbats.

13 thoughts on “The origin of Twitter’s logo?”

  1. Actually, I never noticed the difference in the words! Mainly because the word “Twitter” is quite nice and flows. 😛


    P.S Your blog had been nicely designed!

    1. Despite the fact that I noticed the difference between the e and the rest of the word, it wasn’t until I found that image separating the two tt from the rest that I noticed the awkward slopes 🙂

  2. The T looks like “hi” (the sound) in Japanese katakana. Maybe Sato was intending the double meaning, maybe just a coincidence…

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