SudTipos releases Semilla typeface


SudTipos, the amazing type foundry from Argentina, released Semilla yesterday, a new ornamental display typeface and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You just have to love the marvelous terminations like those in Roses or Zoe above.  And what about the ligature of  ‘ss’ characters ? I find interesting how the lowercase ‘g’ and ‘y’ saves a lot of vertical space. I am amazed at how each glyph has its own strong identity, for example the stems on top of the ‘f’ and ‘c’.

Make sure you read the inspirational article that Ale Paul wrote for the release of Semilla typeface, explaining something from the origin of the inspiration for this typeface and some of the work involved in the creation of Semilla. I will only quote this:

To make a long story short, what’s inside that German book served as the semilla, which is Spanish for seed, for the typeface you see all over these pages.

Read the rest of the article at Semilla’s release page and find out about the influence of the book in this new typeface. You can buy Semilla online directly from Veer.

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