Marta Cerdà and the modular lettering

I’ve just came back from Trimarchi DG, a graphic design simposium where I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I’ve also attended to the workshop lectured by Alex Trochut and Marta Cerdà Alimbau, about modular letterings and monograms. I’m sure all of you know Alex Trochut but maybe we’ve been missing a diamond, and that is the work from Marta Cerdà. She lectured about modular lettering and how she started building some of her alphabets, sometimes as a personal work, but later used in commercial projects.

Rigid fontShe first started with some simple forms, a rectangle, a quarter of a rounded rectangle, an arc, and just by playing, adding, scaling, she created this great looking font. She would later use a modified version of this font for a logo for Zoo York, as you can see below:


Marta Cerdà explores interesting mediums like this work, creating the letters in what appears to be plasticine. This artwork was created along with Alex Trochut, and was one the entries presented when she won the Art Director’s Club Young Guns 6th edition.


Another beautiful example of modular lettering


One last example of lettering with a strong work on colour and texture. This project was also created in collaboration with Alex Trochut.


You can find more about Marta Cerdà at her site,, or at Marta Cerdà’s portfolio at Behance.

5 thoughts on “Marta Cerdà and the modular lettering”

  1. The one thing I like about the fonts is that they are simple and are easy to understand.Sometimes though they become so ‘worked on’ that you can’t make out what is written!
    This should be avoided and the basic principles of simplicity should be adhered to.
    Yes people are creative and there should be no stopping this,but if we are working on fonts i.e. something that people would get to read we should be as legible as we could

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