Random Inspiration: movie posters

This is a selection of posters from recent movies that are beautiful or attractive in some way I can’t really explain. They are not meant to be the best of minimalistic graphic design. They are meant to appeal the masses because most of them are created for mainstream movies. They are meant to cause an effect. In this sense, they are kitsch. They create a complex text by supporting one element with the other. Take for example the poster of the Baroness…

Guns. Fire. Ships. Explosions. Girl. Pretty. Tight Waist (our vision is even distorted by all the lines converging at this point). The fire lights from below (which is impossible due to the angle of the firing guns) her breasts. She even has a belt at her pubic zone to draw some attention there. And yet we get to see some beautiful fingernails. I must say I loved G.I. Joe movie.
Ok, not all posters here are kitsch and kitsch is not a bad thing. It’s just what it is and I really like kitsch. You can spend a nice moment with something kitsch, whether it’s a poster, a movie, music, some story or even some object.
Take these posters as some sort of random inspiration. You might even find some gems here like the great german poster for A Christmas Carol or the taiwanese poster for Juno that is so much better than the american version because it follows the style of the beautiful intro credits making it quite consistent with the movie. These posters represent in some way the current trend in posters for mainstream movies.

















I don’t know anything about this last poster but I think it’s very well executed. By looking at the type I assume it’s korean.


14 thoughts on “Random Inspiration: movie posters”

  1. great gallery elio! it is so cool, specially for those like me who loves movie posters. i mean, i like movies, i like graphic design. so movie posters are cool!

    1. it’s actually chinese… see, the japanese kanjis are, let’s say, much “simpler”, while korean writing is a bit squared (see the last poster). Chinese ideograms are quite complex.

  2. You can not believe how long ive been searching for something like this. Scrolled through 6 pages of Google results couldnt find diddly squat.

    1. The movie was pretty cool, I thought it would be a mess but it turned out ok. The scene I like the most is the car chasing in Paris with Snake-Eyes on top of the truck, definitely awesome!

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