Okay, let’s type Chino

There’s a lot of type today so let’s begin: Sudtipos released today Bravissima, a wild script typeface, which according to Robert Bringhurst would be an expressionist typeface. Looks really good as it is  usual with Sudtipos. Are you already a fan of Sudtipos in Facebook?


Linotype recently released ITC Chino featuring two families: Chino and Chino Display, where the first is suitable for composing long text with a soft and delicate flow, and is available in ten weights.


The second is recommended for titling purposes and has some beautiful shapes like that gorgeous k. Chino Display is available in two weights, thin and ultra black.

Chino Display

You can see more samples on the Chino gallery at Behance.

Okay Type & Design, designers of the Alright Sans typeface, recently launched their site, and you can also become a fan on Facebook.

Alright Sans

BTW, their workspace is featured along with other type designers workplaces in a publication by MyFonts.

Lettering & Type is a book that has been recently published and it claims to be a

smart-but-not-dense guide to creating and bending letters to one’s will. More than just another pretty survey, it is a powerful how-to book full of relevant theory, history, explanatory diagrams, and exercises.

Lettering & Type

You can see some samples pages below (if you’re in a RSS reader you might not see the embedded swf)


Laika is an awesome font that reacts to almost everything you could imagine. It’s a dynamic typeface that varies in its weight, slant angle, and even if it’s more or less a slab serif or a sans serif. There is an applet if you want to try it, or just watch the video below.


Type is sexy is a funny site dedicated to explain some typographic principles.

Type is sexy

Let there be free fonts:

Sonrisa Thin, by CastleType. Available for free for limited time.

Metal, a bold squared typeface by Alberto Rodríguez AKA Steroplastika.

Metal by Stereoplastika

Goudy Trajan Regular, also by CastleType.

Goudy Trajan Regular

Some great type related work, click on each one to see the full project.

BMW is Joy
BMW is Joy

Extreme Calligraphy
Extreme Calligraphy


1800 lettering sketchbook
1800 lettering sketchbook

Victorian Monograms
Victorian monograms

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