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Random inspiration: music videos

Random Inspiration: Music Videos

As designers, we all love music. Music is like air for us. Sometimes, when I’m designing I tried to imagine some kind of soundtrack for the site. This is a really good way to find a nice colour palette. If you are a musician maybe musical notes sounds like colours to you, like white for C, red for A, yellow for G, blue for B, orange for F. Don’t know why, but those notes reminds me of those colours. I’ve gathered here 17 music videos that are really visually inspirational, whether it’s for its photography, costumes, colour schemes, rythmn between music and image, you name it. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to know what are your favourite music videos.

Luv Deluxe – Cinnamon Chasers

Emilie Simon – Flowers

Asobi Seksu – Goodbye

Björk – Hyperballad

Emilie Simon – Fleur de saison

Christina Aguilera – Fighter

Cuarteto de Nos – Ya no sé que hacer conmigo

Emilie Simon – Desert

Suede – Electricity

Chemical Brothers – Let forever be

Garbage – The world is not enough

White Stripes – Blue Orchid

Ayumi Hamasaki – Alterna

Feist – 1 2 3 4

Teardrop – Massive Attack

Regina Spektor – Fidelity

Pearl Jam – Do the evolution

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