Pimp your Chrome with Extensions

Chrome Extensions

Extensions for Google Chrome were released last December 8, and there is already quite a bunch of interesting stuff, like Zemanta, Quick Scroll, Aviary Screen Capture.

Despite the fact that there are few extensions and the usual suspects are already saying that even with extensions Firefox beats Chrome, Google Chrome already outperformed the Firefox plugins installing system: there is no need to restart, independently if you’re installing or uninstalling extensions. Let’s add to that extensions working at light speed (take for example Zemanta), interesting and mainstream extensions like Slideshow (not a new idea but well executed) and really neccesary extensions like GMail checker and you will see that Chrome is growing incredibly fast.

Quick Scroll is really interesting. After you install it, whenever you perform a search using our favourite search engine and click on a result, it will display at bottom right a black windows displaying the most closely related text block. Click on it and Chrome will scroll the window up to that text block. Really good to quickly spot that tiny paragraph you need in a page with a lot of text, affiliate links, banners, etc.


There are a lot of extensions dealing with integrating Chrome with other sites, like Slideshow, that whenever you visit an album at Flickr, Picasa or Facebook, it will display a strip at the bottom of your browser window displaying all the pictures in the album and you can use the keyboard arrows to flip through.

Other Chrome extensions dealing with social networks include Facebook, Chromed Bird, Fittr Flickr, Stumble Upon, Brizzly, Google Wave and Reader notifiers as well as Google Sidewiki.

6 thoughts on “Pimp your Chrome with Extensions”

  1. Yeah, Chrome extensions are definitely good. Ad Block from Firefox has already been ported. I would like to have gestures though, as the Chrome Gestures extension is pretty buggy.

  2. I agree. Mouse Stroke is another gestures extensions but it has some serious delay, which make it impossible to use. We’ll have to give it time I guess.

    1. I’ve fixed your url. Looks neat, could you provide more info about it? information about how it works is scarce on the plugin page and your blog.

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