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Installing Aptana 1.5.1 + Aptana PHP

I’ve just updated Aptana Studio from 1.5 to 2.0 only to find out that the spectacular Aptana PHP plugin is not longer supported and its installation has been removed from the Install Additional Features view. However, with some tricks we can still install the old Aptana 1.5.1 in order to use it. Well, in fact we can even install Aptana PHP in Studio 2.0.

First, download Aptana Studio 1.5.1 and install it. I had to do this since I had deleted my previous standalone zip.

When you reach the Install Additional Features after installing Aptana, close it, what we need is not here.

From the Help menu, click on Install New Software…

In the “Work with:” drop down, choose the Aptana PHP Update Site. Aptana will start preparing the installation.

Choose the Aptana PHP plugin and install it. After restarting Studio, the Aptana PHP plugin will be installed and your php files will be handled by it.

I tried the same steps on Aptana Studio 2.0.2 and it’s working good so far. The only difference is that in the Available Software you will have to add the Aptana PHP plugin update site. Click on the Add… button and type the url

As you can see on the Plugins Manager, Aptana PHP 1.1 is installed (the Duplicate location warning appears because I typed the url again for this tutorial). I’ve you already installed Eclipse PDT, make sure you remove it, or your php files won’t be handled by Aptana PHP.

So that’s it, if you find any issues please let me know.

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