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The Octonauts: a cute book from Meomi studio


The Octonauts is a cute little group of animals diving the deepness of seven seas and trying to help all the sea animals they found. They have this cute ship that resembles an octopus (hence the name), and the group is integrated by Captain Barnacles, Dr. Shellington, Professor Inkling, Tunip the Vegimal, Sauci Dog, Peso Penguin, Lt. Kwazii Kitten and Tweak Bunny.

At The Octonauts site you will found some gorgeous line drawings for you to print and color, I mean, for your children to color.

You can also became a fan of The Octonauts at Facebook to catch up with their latest adventures and news. For example, they recently announced that they’re about to release a toy line produced by Fisher-Price, well known for their beautiful children toys like Little People.

This cute book is a creation of Meomi studio, both text and illustration, and it’s remarkable the awesome work they have been doing with each new adventure of The Octonauts. Meomi is integrated by illustrators Vicki Wong, from Vancouver and Michael Murphy from Los Angeles, and their work has been featured in many books regarding illustration and design, while the characters have been used for clothing, toys and merchandising. Among their clients they have Google, Electronic Arts and Yo GabbaGabba, the show for kids. Do yourself a favor and check Meomi’s site, it is beautiful. You can also became a fan of Meomi at Facebook.

The Octonauts is published by Immedium and you can buy the books right there on the site with international shipping.

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