How will Google Buzz affect mobile phones

Now that the mistery surrounding Google and its new social platform has been unveiled, Google Buzz doesn’t look like something that would make you switch from Facebook or Twitter. But the real power of Buzz might lie on its integration with mobiles. Google posted this interesting video boasting some cool features running on Nexus One.

7 thoughts on “How will Google Buzz affect mobile phones”

    1. Indeed, it is more interesting with those features, but some people are really concerned about their privacy. Ok, you can unfollow and such things, but the automatic opt-in model is something that Facebook has proven to be wrong over and over again.Google should have learned the lesson. That said, the posibilities of revealing the building where you are on Maps is something very interesting.

  1. sometimes it i have a hard time selecting which mobile phone to buy. there are too many options to choose from.,.:

  2. Google Buzz didn’t got much buzz 😛 Let’s hope that Google’s next social network becomes a true alternative to Facebook.

  3. That is very true. I never got hooked up by Buzz. Hopefully Google’s new network (Google Me?) will be awesome.

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