10 alternatives to Basecamp

Basecamp might be the most commonly used platform for project management. However, since its inception, many other solutions have been created offering almost all the features available on Basecamp at a very low price or free at all in both hosted or self-hosted versions. From Gantt charts to iPhone apps to track your projects, these project managers have it all.

Active Collab

This project manager might be one of closest to Basecamp in terms of features. Once born as an open source clone of Basecamp, Active Collab is now developed under a close source model. AC offers 7 days of free trial extensible to 30 for $10. Active Collab is self hosted software and version 2 now features invoicing and Subversion integration.

Project Pier

Many developers were dissapointed when Active Collab went closed source, but a group forked the last open source of Active Collab and started Project Pier. It is self-hosted and you need MySQL with InnoDB support to run it.


This remotely hosted web application possesses a strong API which allows you to develop even desktop apps. Lighthouse pricing starts at $25/mo but you can try it for free.

Clocking IT

This application is available for free as a remotely hosted solution. However, the source is disclosed under a MIT/X11 license for you to set up your own self hosted application. Clocking IT is highly customizable and is available in a myriad of languages.


With an impressive list of features, including even wikis and project blog, COMINDWORK is available as a hosted or self hosted solution, offering plans for as low as $1 a day and even a free account for hosting one project.


Goalkeeper is offered as a self hosted solutin and you can get a free account. The Dashboard can be easily customized whenever you need more information or when you want to keep things to a minimum.


This is one of the heavy contenders in this list, offering even an iPhone app to constantly keep track of your project, Huddle is a hosted solution. If you’re a charity foundation, you might get a free Huddle account given that you comply with a series of conditions.


5pm is also hosted and features gadgets such as a desktop time tracker to submit time logs to 5pm or and iPhone app. The interface might be one of the best in this round up featuring interesting actions such as a interactive timeline following the Gantt style.


Written using Ruby on Rails, one of the most interesting features about Redmine is that it is cross-database and supports multiple databases as well. Redmine is self-hosted, free open source software and released under GPL 2. You can check their live demo site.


This project manager has been integrated within an enterprise resource planning system. The list of features is extremely extensive for an open source software, including document sharing based on permissions, invoicing, time logging, human resource management, integrated wiki and much more. Makes for a perfect solution for almost any project management requirements. The demo for ]project-open[ allows you to log in using different user roles.
So what do you think about these alternatives? do you know of any other that deserves to be featured?

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  1. Since the inception of Basecamp many solutions have been created offering almost all of its features at a low price or free in hosted or self-hosted versions….

  2. I’d remove ActiveCollab considering it is run by a douchebag. Hundreds worked on the opensource model only to be shut out when he “surprise” switched it to closed source while still retaining much of the underlying base coding done by volunteers. I’d rather use MS Project then support a shill like that.

  3. I understand, it would be like Automattic closing down the source after the uncountable contribution from developers all around the world. However, the code contributed to Active Collab seems to still be available on Project Pier.

  4. Would also recommend ActionMethod.com for project/task management – notibly for the iPhone app and AIR version/online all working together…

  5. Thanks for including Comindwork, I’d also like to note, that despite the fact that we are offering a lot features users can keep their user interface clean and smooth by switching of the features they don’t need, we offer a high level of customization.

  6. You can also add DeskAway (http://www.deskaway.com) as an alternative to Basecamp. It is a web based project management app and is a much efficient and powerful tool. It is also offering some awesome features which other tools are not at a very low cost. But the service seems to be very good.

  7. Tim, thanks for the heads up, ActionMethod looks indeed cool and I’m attracted by the simply fact that it is being developed by Behance.
    Arturas, thanks for dropping a line. Comindwork might be the biggest feature packed in this round up and the interface looks very clean.
    Pravesh, thanks, it certainly looks good and the integration with FreshBooks might be something that a lot of people will be happy to work with.

  8. Check out WizeHive (http://www.wizehive.com)for online collaboration and project management. With unlimited secure, private workspaces, groups can upload, edit and comment on files, post notes, organize email, share conversations and calendars, manage tasks, and send updates to your workspace via browser, desktop client, email and mobile devices. WizeHive employs a real-time data feed so users can see updates in chronological order. Users can also create tasks and notes for their workspaces from their Twitter accounts, or pull WizeHive content into their Twitter accounts.

  9. A nice list. Would love to see our product TeamworkPM.net up there are well, especially since we now have a lot of very happy users who have moved over from basecamp to us.

  10. I recently started using Many Moon with Google Aps and it is very simple to use. It easily integrates with your google apps account. You can start with a free account and choose to purchase an account if you go above the 1gb allocation.

  11. Thanks guys, all those are great suggestions. Another user pointed me on Twitter to another project collaboration software named Teambox.
    Keep them coming and I’ll post soon another list featuring even more software for project management.

  12. I’m a bit biased, but thought I’d bring your collective attention to our app Skylight.

    Its free at the moment, easy to use and keeps tracks of bookings, contacts, clients, projects, rates, budgets, time tracking.. etc.. You can have multiple accounts and businesses.

    We’re in the BETA phase so would appreciate any input and suggestions to make Skylight even better.

    And please dont just take my word for it 🙂
    We’ve had a lovely review from AppStorm


    Sorry for blowing our own horn, but I really do think Skylight is one of the best options and lowest cost out there. And I’ve tried many of those listed here – hence developing our own!

  13. Skylight looks slick indeed, and it’s interesting the fact that it’s free right now so we can check premium-packages features. I’ll try to find some time to review it and post it later along with the other project management solutions that commenters have posted.

  14. I’ve tried a few of these, but none of them are quite what I want. I found rule.fm but I’m still waiting for an invite. Has anyone been able to get one yet? If so, what did you think?

  15. Thanks for this list! Regarding Rule.fm it seems like we have to wait till the end of August to get an access to this app 🙁 Very interesting to see whether it’s so cool in action as they described.

    Recently found one more cool app – TeamLab http://teamlab.com What I liked about this – it’s offered free of charge as SaaS and open source for download. Functionality made quite a good impression. It’s much more organized and have pretty much the same features as Basecamp.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Helen. TeamLab looks definitely interesting. The fact that it is offered as SaaS and open source software makes it even more interesting. I was put down at first by the video, since it should clarify that it also includes Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Reports, Events, Blogs, Forums, Bookmarks, Wiki, Instant Messenger as it’s stated in the features section 🙂

  16. I’ve tried some of the tools you listed, but I don’t see my fave one here – Wrike. A very helpful tool that has a bunch of great features. The only thing that I really miss is an iphone app, hope they release one soon.

  17. Thanks to Tom, we are trying Projectturf.com. If we were to build a project management software it would be very similar. Their attention to detail and perfection is top notch while still including all the features we’re looking for. Love it.

  18. Make that projecturf.com (not two t’s). Although they were smart and purchased both domains for people like me who need caffeine before surfing the web.

  19. Hey Rob

    After reading your comment I had a look at Dooster (www.dooster.net) as it’s not one I am familiar with. Have to say folks it’s well worth a look and I think will give the “usual suspects” a run for their money! So thanks.

  20. I took a look at Doorster and hated it. It looks butt ugly in comparison to all others mentioned.

    Not recommended until they sort out the poor interface. It looks like someone has just slapped together a bunch of opensource projects.

  21. Hi,

    Don’t forget about Apollo, in terms of alternatives!

    Apollo does both project management _and_ CRM, all integrated. It has cases&deals, a great calendar, timers as well.

    It all works in a very zippy AJAX interface that makes the application look native — and believe me, it looks good!

    Give it a go,


    Disclaimer: I work for Apollo. But, I am also Apollo’s fan #1

  22. Hi all. Found this artice and just want to say, that there is a new project management tool with free account being released – Manitoo. Visit http://www.manitooprojectmanagement.com . It comes with integrated IM and a microblog in roadmap (the social part) and billing, contact manager and email marketing (the CRM part).

  23. Freedcamp just launched a completely free project management alternative to Basecamp with a Basecamp import. It’s a hosted solution offering all the necessary features and then some to manage your projects.

  24. I have an addiction to productivity tools. I just can’t stop looking for something better. LOL. Right now I’m loving http://www.actionmethod.com and http://www.45robots.com. Action Method might be too simple (jury is still out) but it’s a beautiful interface and I like the iPhone app and the methodology. The 45 Robots app is pretty good. It’s new so there are still some rough edges and it was built for the investment business but for the most part it seems pretty good for my project management. The guys are definitely working hard to improve the product though.

  25. Freedcamp….hahahaha there is a reason it is free, you can delete and view anyones files within the whole system. You don’t even need any skill to do this It’s all down via the URL, with no security at all.

  26. I might be biased, but I think people should definitely check out Mavenlink. Project Management, plus many other features such as time tracking, invoicing, custom branding, etc.

    Great list by the way!

  27. I’m always trying out new Project Collaboration tools and have lately been using this fun little guy. http://taskion.com

    Simple functionality, crazy responsiveness and fluidity. Definitely worth trying out.

  28. I was in dilemma about choosing one of the Softwares before I found out the WorkforceTrack . Now, we`re using it with pleasure and my employees also like it due to its easy use and low price. Thank you for sharing your post.

  29. I found the best to be http://tree.io
    Tree.io is a powerful web based project management tool that optimizes efficiency and work flow for all types of business. It’s key features include Project Management, Sales and CRM, and Service Support. Messaging, Chat, Finance, Documents, Calendars, Reports and more.

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