Random inspiration: Chelsea Greene Lewyta

Surfing the web, in one of those endless clicks on related pages, stumbled upon this illustrator. Her name is Chelsea Greene Lewyta and she tagged herself on her Behance portfolio as “illustration, children illustration, children, women, girls, tea, forest, trees, animals, nature”.

Chelsea works on her illustrations mixing traditional and digital media, and states on her site that

“Few details separate my work from my life and from myself. I view it all as a great schism between the beautiful and the macabre.”

and her artwork certainly features that cute darkness. It’s not like Tim Burton or Gris Grimly, with a strong accent in the dark nature, but instead, his unique artwork focuses on a gentle and delicate cuteness, with lovely characters depicted sometimes at the edge of an horrible danger. In other pieces the dangerous moment already took place, and all we can see are the results of it, whether it’s life or death.

Make sure you check Chelsea’s site or her Behance portfolio for more of her astonishing illustration artwork.

chelsea-greene-leywta-1 chelsea-greene-leywta-2 chelsea-greene-leywta-3 chelsea-greene-leywta-4 chelsea-greene-leywta-5 chelsea-greene-leywta-6 chelsea-greene-leywta-7

10 thoughts on “Random inspiration: Chelsea Greene Lewyta”

  1. I like it a lot, it’s very intriguing. When you look at the pictures you think … nice 🙂 but when you look closer you notice the darkeness behind it.

  2. Tim Burton is an eccentric director in my opinion but he has his own unique style;”~

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