WordPress 3.0 Drop-ins

WordPress 3.0 will separately identify the Drop-ins that you add to your installation. WordPress Drop-ins are custom PHP files related to several WordPress core files such as advanced-cache.php or object-cache.php that you can load on WP-Content to override the core file with new functionality.

WordPress 3.0 Drop-ins The image to the left is located on a WordPress Trac ticket, and shows how WordPress 3.0 will display Drop-ins. Memcached is one of the plugins displayed on the image, which overrides WordPress’ own object-cache-php file. Check also this article about replacing WordPress Object Caching.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Drop-ins”

  1. What is this thing which is “inactive” under my drop-ins?


    Advanced caching plugin. Inactive: Requires define(‘WP_CACHE’, true); in wp-config.php.

  2. The file wp-config.php is located in the root of your WordPress installation. You can edit it and set the constant to true. Here’s a document from wordpress.org about Editing wp-config.php where the WP_CACHE constant is defined.

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