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Wood Type

Wood Type has definitely something. It might be the boldness of its letters, the roughness of its printing, the uneven and organic texture created by the inked types pressed against the paper of fabric. Posters, covers, pages, they all look great with a big fat bold wood type printing.

From Hamilton Wood Type Museum:

Wood was used for letterforms and illustrations dating back to the first known Chinese wood block print dating from 868. The forerunner of the block print in China was the wooden stamp. (…) The use of wood in printing as a material for making type had been made for hundreds of years before the 19th century.With the expansion of the commercial printing industry in America in the first years of the 19th century, it was inevitable that someone would perfect a process for cheaply producing the large letters so in demand for broadsides. Wood was the logical material because of it’s lightness, availability, and known printing qualities.

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