WordPress 3.0 now available!

The time has come! after a long await WordPress 3.0 has been released!

Quick list of new features

  • Custom Post Types, different environments for writing different kinds of content
  • Custom Menus, organize your navigation bar visually, adding categories, pages or any link
  • Custom Backgrounds, new API to change the background, useful for developers and certainly for end users looking to easily customize his site
  • Visual UI for hierarchical taxonomies (like Categories)
  • Bulk updates for all your plugins, themes, core, etc
  • Create your own shortlinks and distribute them
  • WordPress and WordPress MU are finally merged into one, allowing you to manage a network of sites.
  • The Add Image-Video-Audio-Media icons have been restyled. Nice, because they looked way too different from those icons on the sidebar.
  • The post thumbnail is now called Featured Image, making it more semantically clear
  • Contextual help on every screen of WordPress
  • New default theme is TwentyTen, featuring examples of all new additions to WordPress core

Apart from all this goodness, WP 3.0 feels fast, really fast, so don’t wait any longer, install WordPress 3.0 Thelonious.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 now available!”

  1. Luke, all your content will be preserved. Regarding the plugins, WP will test each plugin and disable any plugin causing an abnorml behaviour, but a faulting plugin is something rather unusual.
    I would advise you to upgrade.

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