9 fresh new free fonts + 1

There can never be enough fonts. Sure, you can do awesome stuff with one or two fonts, but in the end, after 564,123 projects with the same font, it will start to look weary. In this post we have 9 fonts recently released for all genres on this round up, from grunge and retro style to clean and crisp typefaces, plus one very special typeface that you might have missed since 2006.

Velvet Drop

A bold typeface designed by Alexei Frolov from Russia. Download Velvet Drop


Another font from Alexei, each glyph of Kaori is made of hundreds of drop-like shapes. Download Kaori


A serifed grunge font by Alexei. Download Bext


One last font by Alexei that would look great on a poster. Download Sumkin


A modular typeface by mexican designer Diana Pazo. Download Bennudiseno


A beautiful rounded slab serif typeface from Typedepot. Download Piron

Mekon Gradient

A typeface built with variable thickness lines, creating the illussion of a gradient. Download Mekon Gradient

Alt Retro

This font includes five variants, with variations on the lines amount, thickness or even completely dismissing them. Download Alt Retro


A new font from renown studio FontFabric, with a beautiful solid shape and crisp look. Download Age


While this font is not new, it may have been overlooked. It was created back in 2006 by Henning Skibbe from Denmark. He was involved in the revision of FF Dingbats 2.0, a typeface issued by FontShop, polishing some of the glyphs, but most important, adding a myriad of new glyphs. He also won the Certificate of Typographic Excellence in Type Design from TDC2 2009 for his Haptic font, which you can buy at MyFonts. Nautic is a offered in Open Type format in five weights. It looks good and it feels awesome.

Download Nautic.

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