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5 Dark Themes for Aptana

If Aptana is your IDE of choice and you love every single feature forgiving any weakness, but your eyes after 8 hours coding just can’t tolerate the default bright theme, this is your post. These dark color themes for Aptana will bring some rest to your eyes.


Includes color themes for CSS, HTML, Javascript, jSON, PHP, PHP Doc, PHP Smarty, PHP Smarty Config, ScriptDoc and XML.


Includes color themes for CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, PHP Doc and ScriptDoc.

Green Chaud

Includes color themes for CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, and XML.


Includes color themes for CSS, ERB, HTML, Javascript, PHP, XML and YML.

Sunburst is no longer available

LPent Shades

This last theme is the one I use (but got replaced after writing this article by Autumna). It’s only published on the Aptana forum with no name (LPent is his username at Aptana forums) and its author gives this explanation regarding the colors:

I like to use different color-schemes for each file type. That way you can easilly distingiush between different types of code when they are used in the same file (for example CSS inside html-file or HTML inside php-file).

And it really works, the different shades help you to quickly distinguish the codes when you work in Aptana with three panes side by side. Includes color themes for CSS, HTML, JS and PHP. In addition to the shades shown on the image above, the shades for PHP are red and the shades for JS are green.

LPent Shades is no longer available

Do you know of any other dark theme for Aptana that we might be missing here?

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