The artwork of Pino Lamanna

Pino Lammana is a graphic designer based in Wuppertal, Germany. He might be only 27, but he already has an incredible portfolio covering logos, lettering, clothing and toy art.

His illustration work, as well as his lettering, possess a duality between that cute touch commonly known as toy art, along with a strict geometric construction. An excellent color handling complete the magic imbued in each work.

For more awesomeness, visit Pino Lammana’s profile at Behance or his portfolio at Cargo Collective. You can also follow schakalwal on Twitter.

8 thoughts on “The artwork of Pino Lamanna”

    1. Certainly, although the use of colors is completely different (but both are awesome :D) and the cute elements give Pino’s works a personal touch.

  1. heey, just stumbled upon this site after a google search. didn’t know about this feature! thanks so much. next time you feature somebody, better notify them, in order to get some extra visits 😉

    great work. cheers…

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