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Support for custom post types in TDO Mini Forms

It’s been little less than a month when the modified widget for TDO Mini Forms to support custom taxonomies was released. It didn’t allowed you to enter new terms for taxonomies and most important, it didn’t featured custom post types support, so here’s the entire plugin updated for TDO Mini Forms to support custom post types, allowing the addition of new terms for custom taxonomies.
First of all, I’ve been in touch with Mark Cunningham and he will be rolling out the changes in this fork very soon (he even tweeted about it). You might want to follow him or search for the #tdomf hashtag. The version number has not been incremented so you will correctly receive the notification for the next official update. This plugin has been tested in WP 3.0 and 3.0.1.


The process is no different from installing other plugins for WordPress:

  1. Upload it to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Unzip it
  3. Go to the Plugins section on the WP admin and activate it

Adding a form to submit to a custom post type

The custom post type support works at form level, so you will define it on the Form Options section under the TDO Mini Forms settings.
There’s now a new radio button to select custom post types and you can enter the custom post type name in field below. As an example, let’s assume we’re creating a new post type named “job”, to allow users to publish job offers and file them under a proper custom post type.

We can’t rule out the possibility of some bugs hidden somewhere, but it worked smoothly in my experience using it. You can see the custom taxonomies at action at this site (currently under construction), the color tags belong to a custom taxonomy. An example of the custom post type support will be provided later. The widget interface was also revamped a little to better integrate it with the rest of WordPress.

All in all, it works, but if you prefer to wait a bit for Mark to roll out the changes, go ahead. In fact, when Mark rolls out the changes, I will be updating to follow the same path of TDOMF development. For the moment though, it’s a nice substitute. Keep in mind that the posts will be stored, the taxonomies will be inserted in the post, all your data will be ok. When the official update arrives, your data will still be there.

One of the readers, Kris, found a glitch regarding custom post types and posted a fix in the comments below and Robert added a follow up adding another modification.

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