DevPress launches

After some weeks of teasing and giving sneak peeks to Theme Hybrid exclusive members, DevPress was finally launched today. DevPress will be offering WordPress themes and plugins and is the result of a collaboration between Justin Tadlock, Ptah Dunbar, Tung Do and Patrick Daly.

As part of the launching announcement, they’re releasing an excellent magazine theme named News (built on top of the Hybrid Core) that you can download for free from WordPress repository. They also have free plugins and a couple of tutorials.

The best thing is that the themes and plugins are in the official WordPress repository, meaning that they have been released under GPL license. Justin Tadlock clarifies that

This is a business venture, and we’ll be experimenting with various ideas in the future.

Whatever ideas might be, I’m sure they will be awesome, given the excellent team behind DevPress.

BTW, Justin said that Hybrid Core is now ready for production and there will be soon a tutorial about using it.

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