Free font Matilde by TypeDepot

The TypeDepot type foundry recently released a new typeface available for free. Matilda, the font, has some beautiful and delicate squared serifs, as well as some carefully crafted curls.

The Matilda font has a large x-height, which make it look sleek and classy. But Matilda is not only suitable for elegant designs, so now that halloween is approaching, TypeDepot shows how well Matilda fits in a halloween design.

Matilda is the third typeface released by TypeDepot which is available for free, and the quality and uniqueness of each of them are stunning.

You can get Matilda from TypeDepot and if you’re hungry for more of their artwork, check their gallery in Behance or follow @typedepot on Twitter.

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    1. Yes, Branwen, there are a lot of quality free fonts appearing almost every day, it’s almost impossible to keep up with every new font! 😀

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