ilovecolors was ripped off

One of the hardest situations for designers is getting their design ripped off without any respect for the hard work they put in their work. I Love Colors’ design was ripped off today. The ripper site is a site from China,, whose hosting provider is I’ve sent today an email (not a cease and desist yet, just a friendly email) to notify them about this irregular behaviour on one of their sites, which I’m sure goes unnoticed by now. And yeah, he didn’t even removed the logo!

To say the truth, rip-off is a soft term in this case: the complete WordPress theme design was stolen no matter how recognized and well-known and copyrighted ilovecolors’ design is. The chinese beind the copy also maintains a site of doubious content and, I don’t know chinese so I just ran the page through Chrome translator and it appears to say that is actually a copy of that masterfully crafted design at For the sake of politeness, I must say: Lame, although you can add as many adjectives as you want.

Anyway, I’ve emailed and will be waiting for their response which hopefully will be good. They seem to be a respectable company, so I’m sure they will properly handle this incident.

14 thoughts on “ilovecolors was ripped off”

  1. Lame! I know it sucks, but at least you know that the people continually visiting your site appreciate the hard work you put into it, and the great content you continue to put out. No one will ever think that about their ripped off site.

  2. Thanks Pablo for your support!

    Heather, your words have just light up my day. I really appreciate them.

  3. I can’t believe they didn’t even take off the logo. I mean, seriously?

    On the upside, it means your site is SO awesome that someone would go through the trouble of actually copying it. :)Remember: jealousy is a compliment. 😉

  4. Do you have a google analytics account number buried in your code? They may not have removed it. One designer I know won a lawsuit by being able to prove this way that it was HER design. Same deal, they didn’t change much. But it was a US company. I’ve had people completely lift my blog articles. Public shaming via Twitter sometimes works, along with a cease and desist letter to them or their ISP. Sorry you’re going through this, it’s such a pain! ~Nani

  5. Sarah, somehow I can understand him, but he’s building a very negative popularity instead of good. It’s harmful for himself.
    NaniPrints, the analytics code has been removed, but anyway, my traces are all over the site and ilovecolors has been online for more than three years 😀

  6. TTAR, well, this guy is clearly not a designer 😀
    You have some very good tutorials in your site, I specially liked the one about the carbon fibre pattern. Keep it up!

  7. Yeah, I agree with you. Not only website design field, others in computer technology have also act of ripping off here and there. By reading this article I know this theme is belong to you, so I respect it 🙂

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