Free fonts for design

We have three new typefaces this week and they are awesome as well as available for free. District Thin is offered in one weight of a beautiful sans-serif available in fourteen more variants, Titre is a classical serif and CK Growing Up is a cool handwritten font with a very particular design.

District Thin

This free typeface is brought to you by Phil’s Fonts, a typefaces vendor that gathers a lot of independent type foundries like Font Bureau, P22, T26 and heavyweights like Linotype, Adobe and ITC.


You will also find in the same link above the second free typeface: Titre, a carefully modulated serif with a humanist axis.

CK Growing Up

Finally, the third font is has a handwritten look yet it still looks very uniform, thus suited for some copy text, even if it’s short.

More free fonts

Feel free to browse the other typefaces featured in the last two months in

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Rue Display

If you have a font you want to share (whether it’s free or not), leave a link in the comments below or send a message and it will be included in the next post about typography, so you can get more exposure for your work!

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