SWFPress: WordPress Framework to create Flash sites

Ever wanted to create sites using Flash as the front-end and WordPress as the back-end CMS? SWFPress┬ácomes to extend a web developer’s toolbox by providing a framework to feed WordPress data to Flash based sites through XML.

A Blank Theme

SWFPress is a blank WordPress theme in the sense that it includes the essential files for WordPress to work, a stylesheet and a functions.php file. But the when the index.php file is accessed, the control is taken by the SWFPress core.

The foundation of SWFPress is XML: you have to prepare the structure of the XML that will be outputted using data provided by WordPress, which of course, must match your Flash front-end.

Demoing the admin

I couldn’t find a demo of the front-end interface, so it’s hard to know how it behaves. I downloaded and installed it, but, not surprisingly, the theme doesn’t contains any swf files for the front end so you have to code them from scratch.

However, you can get a demo of the admin interface of how WordPress is extended to work as the CMS for your Flash site.


SWFPress is currently free to download, but if you’re serious about developing WordPress themes for Flash and you want to sell them, SWFPress requires you to buy a license to do so, starting at $150 yearly.

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