The Square Grid – CSS framework for designers & developers

If you’re familiar with but find it a bit smaller than what you would like it to be, maybe The Square Grid with its width of 994px is perfect for you.

The Square Grid is another CSS framework for designers and developers pretty much like but its default width is 994px instead of 960px, and the default number of columns is 35. You can then subdivide it into 18, 12, 9 or less columns to get a solid layout in short time. The vertical alignment is set to the same width of each of the smallest column blocks, 28px (I guess that explains the name, square grid).

The download is bundled with a sketch sheet layered pdf, the CSS code and templates for Photoshop, Illustration and InDesign.

All in all, The Square Grid looks like a solid alternative to 960px layouts when you really need those extra 34px.

4 thoughts on “The Square Grid – CSS framework for designers & developers”

  1. Looks pretty nice. Not as good as blueprint or in sense of vertical rhtym and typo, but as far as i can see it would combine nicely with the “better web readability project” (that sets 1em instead of %-value for font-size) – not tested.

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