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Appcelerator acquires Aptana

The Aptana IDE has been around  for a few years now and has gained a loyal base of users (yours truly included) due to its strength, easy of use and wide support for various languages including its support for Android and Nokia development. Aptana has now been acquired by development platform Appcelerator, creators of Titanium platform for development on iOS and Android.

Acquisition by Appcelerator are some good news for Aptana developers and in the announcement in Aptana’s blog, it is mentioned that a production release of Aptana 3 is expected to be available on the first quarter of 2011, integrating RadRails and PyDev, in addition to the Aptana PHP, which was phased out during the Aptana 2-3 development cycle but it has now been reintroduced. It’s also stated both in Aptana’s blog and Appcelerator FAQs about acquisition that Aptana IDE will remain free and open source.

The only gray point is whether Paul Colton, who originally started Aptana, will continue to work in Appcelerator, as it is currently assisting both companies during the transition but it’s unclear if he will continue to be involved with Aptana.

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