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10 alternative browsers for iPad

What was supposed to be a simple search for a simple browser for iPad that would allow for HTML inspection turned into something pretty interesting due to all the capabilities these browsers for iPad have, from Dropbox saving to tabs to collaboration and of course, source code inspection. So here’s a quick round up of ten alternatives to Safari on your iPad.


Atomic is offered both in a pro and a lite version but the latter doesn’t includes source code inpection. Some features of Atomic browser for iPad:


Some features of Perfect browser for iPad:


This is a browser with a strong focus in collaboration, annotation and collecting. Some features of Superstash browser for iPad:


Some features of Mercury browser for iPad:


Some features of Grazing browser for iPad:

Geek the Navigator

Some features of Geek the Navigator browser for iPad:

Browser Duo

The main feature of this browser is its dual panel for web browsing: you can have two pages opened side by side (or top/bottom).


The commands in iLunascape browser are located at the bottom so you can easily reach them with your fingers. Other features include:


Some features of iCab browser for iPad include:


This browser became popular for its (partial) Flash support. Some other features include:


In the end, the only browsers featuring code inspection were Atomic and Geek, but Atomic looks like a more complete browser. If you’re looking for a browser just to browse as a power user, maybe iCab or Mercury will be better suited for you.

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