Easy blogging for iPad: Blogsy

Blogsy is a very interesting app for bloggers who want to work on the go with the iPad. It makes use of gestures and the overall touch environment to convey a great tool for blogging integrating it with a variety of web services and blogging platforms.

Its integration with Flickr, Picasa and YouTube makes the insertion of media from those platforms really easy. Currently, Blogsy is only integrated with Blogger, WordPress.com and self hosted WordPress but they have a section to let users vote for features in upcoming version of Blogsy and other platforms in the list are Posterous, the ubiquitous Tumblr, Drupal and ExpressionEngine, among others, as well as integration with social networks.

All in all, Blogsy looks like a solid solution for blogging on the go and I don’t really remember I’ve seen another blogging tool with all these functionalities. WordPress for iOS is not good enough yet, and I prefer to go to the full site using Atomic browser for iPad than to struggle with it. But Blogsy looks like a game changer and something I would prefer to the usual blogging interface of WordPress. Automattic will have to invest some serious time to push the app forward to avoid losing market in the mobile war.

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