10 Free UI Kits for user interface designers

When starting a new design it is often handy to have a set of UI items to quickly start laying things out and they can even be useful to quickly wireframe a web mockup. You will find here 10 slick free UI kits to speed up your user interface design works.

UI Kit

This UI kit containing buttons, form elements and a progress bar was created by Raj Ramamurthy. Since it is so minimal, it’s very easy to tweak to fit your own purposes.

Chutzpah User Interface Kit

Created by Morgan Allan Knutson, this kit contains switches, a tooltip, scrollbar and a step control useful for date or number input fields in HTML 5.

Alex’s Black UI Kit

A huge kit by Alex Patrascu with controls for almost anything you can imagine, including video and audio players, a window chrome with toolbar, slider, menus, form elements and many others.

Blue and White GUI Kit

Manuel López Muñiz created this GUI kit that includes a progress bar, slider, search field and a window chrome.

Bloom UI Kit

Pranav Pramod brings this set encompassing arrow buttons, back and forward controls, a scrollbar, input fields, switchs, radio buttons and checkboxes.

Jonathan’s Black UI kit

Another black GUI kit, this time by Jonathan Moreira. Includes three-state buttons, a volume control, radio buttons, switches, scrollbar and more.

Web UI Wireframe Kit

Fuel Your Interface offers this extensive kit including pagination, scrollbars, a tooltip, tabbed panels, process progress buttons, rating stars, loading progress icon, location, and of course, buttons and form elements.

Solid UI Kit

An interesting UI kit created by Alvin Thong with a 3D appearance. Includes form elements, buttons, scrollbars and a Twitter “Follow” badge.

Facebook GUI kit

For all you Facebook apps designers, Ney Ricardo created a complete set featuring almost every item in Facebook GUI, from chat, to messages, including the wall, friends selection dialog, commenting form and more.

Snow Web UI Kit

Spyrestudios offers this sweet UI kit designed by MediaLoot as a free download. Besides form elements and buttons, the set contains a tooltip, breadcrumbs, scrollbars, a search field and a control to increase/decrease values in a field.

Extending UI kits

These UI kits will definitely help you work faster whether you use them for basic wireframing or a full design. However, it doesn’t ends here. Since most of these kit are very simple, you can heavily stylize them to blend with your own design, you can mix them and add new controls. In the end you will have a full UI kit that will be better suited for your particular workflow.

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