10 free fonts for design

One of the best ways for a design to stand out is to use a unique typeface. Most of the good typefaces are paid, but there are rare gems that are available for free thanks to the generosity of their designers. In this post you’ll find 10 great free fonts to use in your designs. Some of them are offered as web fonts too to be used in your websites using the @font-face declaration.


This gorgeous font is not only available for free as a TrueType font that you can use in your desktop, but it also includes .WOFF and .EOT web fonts version that you can use on your websites. All for free, thanks to Kyle Steed.


This modern looking font is brought to you completely for free by Jonathan Hill from The Northern Block.


Thanks to Yamaoka Yasuhiro, the designer behind this slick sans serif typeface, we have 6 complete variants available for free.

LH Line1 Sans

Christian Knutsson offers these two variants of LH Line1 Sans in both desktop and web fonts so you can use them anywhere! The font iself is available under the Open Font License.


This beautiful urban modern typeface serif with a slight resemblance to H&FJ’s Gotham includes 6 beautiful weights and was created by Jan Tonellat. It’s free to be used with Cufón, sIFR, Typeface.js and similar, but if you want to use it with @font-face you have to credit the author and place a link to the font on your website.

Ostrich Sans

This free typeface was created by Tyler Finck and is available for usage with @font-face. Includes 6 variants worth mentioning: Dashed, Rounded, Ultra light, Normal, Bold (race track style double lines) and Black.


Barry Schwartz created this beautiful revival of the Fairfield typeface created by Rudolph Ruzicka in 1940. Fanwood is available for free and dual licensed under MIT and OFL.


A decorative font that holds the honour (¿?) of being the only font created using Excel 97 is perfect for posters or any large graphic format. It was designed by Federico Landini.

Alt Ayame

Andreas Leonidou created this geometric condensed sans serif typeface offered in six variants for free.

Terminal Dosis

This thin rounded sans serif was designed by Edgar Tolentino, refined by Pablo Impallari and spaced & kerned by Igino Marini’s iKern. Terminal Dosis includes several substitution glyphs and you can use it with @font-face in your websites. Terminal Dosis is also available as a Google Web Font.

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